Modern residential interior rendering by James Henry

Modern Residential Design


It’s not a style, it’s a commitment to looking towards the future. We embrace the unconventional in pursuit of better design.


Design that’s unique to its environment, cohesive from exterior to interior, and inherently sustainable.


Spaces that are thoughtful, purposeful, and functional. Effortlessness achieved through greater effort.

Better Design

At James Henry we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between visionary and pragmatic.

Other home designers are content with offering you the status quo, they’ve done it before, you’ve seen it before. They offer solutions without clarity, direction without intention. You deserve better. You deserve a designer that goes beyond your basic requirements.

We take a holistic approach to your project, considering form, function, and aesthetics to arrive at a distinct solution to your needs.

This is Modern. Organic. Intentional. Design.